Designing Translational Pipeline for Development of Novel TB Drug Regimens

Designing Translational Pipeline for Development of Novel TB Drug Regimens

Recorded On: 04/24/2024

The 2024 MIDD Webinar Series, coordinated by Ana Ruiz and Sihem Bihorel, is a series of webinars focused on shaping the future of drug development and regulatory decision-making. Topics range from regulatory aspects from a European perspective to methods for dose selection in rare diseases.

Rada Savic

Professor and Associate Director

UCSF Center for TB

Dr. Rada Savic is a University of California San Francisco Professor and Associate Director of the UCSF Center for TB. Her research focuses on data integration and modeling to solve problems in drug development in infectious diseases, including special populations. She has applied innovative, quantitative, and systems pharmacology methods to reimagine drug development paths in Tuberculosis. She has pioneered stratified medicine concepts in the field of TB, introduced new translational approaches across the infectious disease landscape, and inspired new clinical trial designs, including leading the first platform trial and stratified medicine trial in the field of TB. Dr. Savic was named the 2023 Chun-Zuckerberg Investigator and the 2021 Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award recipient, which recognizes and honors young scientists for outstanding accomplishments in the field of clinical pharmacology achieved early in their careers.  


MIDD Webinar Series | Designing Translational Pipeline for Development of Novel TB Drug Regimens
Recorded 04/24/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 04/24/2024  |  60 minutes